Electronic Cigarette Benefits

There’s a lot of information out there about electronic cigarettes. That’s why here at Electronic Cigarette Source, we consolidate this info for you so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the E cigarette that’s right for you. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of electric cigarettes.

The Health Factor

Every smoker knows that smoking regular cigarettes is bad for you. There are just so many harmful toxins contained in a regular cigarette. Think of all the carcinogens involved. Benzene is a hydrocarbon that comes from coal and petroleum. It’s a substance used in chemical manufacturing, and serves as a solvent in fuel. This petrol additive found in regular cigarette smoke is highly carcinogenic. Formaldehyde, a poisonous embalming fluid used to preserve dead bodies, is another cancer-causing chemical found in traditional cigarettes. In addition to the cancer-causing elements, smoking regular cigarettes also exposes you to tar (that deposits itself in your lungs) and harmful carbon monoxide gas.

Despite the presence of so many damaging substances, people still smoke regular cigarettes, and they do so because they love the act of smoking. What makes electronic cigs truly revolutionary is that they preserve the action of smoking while removing many of the health risks associated with traditional cigarettes. Smokers who love to smoke can now do so in a way that is less harmful to their bodies. This is by far the biggest benefit of electronic cigarettes.

The Ability to Smoke Anywhere

In today’s society, smoking is frowned upon. In the past, it was possible to smoke anywhere. Anti-smoking laws have now marginalized smokers. It’s no longer possible to smoke in planes, restaurants or even some cities. Smokers have to sneak away to a friendly spot in order to enjoy the act of smoking. With E cigs, you can smoke anywhere, because the smoke that you produce isn’t really smoke at all. The “smoke” is really an odorless vapor that evaporates quickly. There is no second hand smoke produced by electric cigarettes, so you can enjoy smokeless cigarettes anywhere.

Environmentally Friendly

Another huge benefit is that when you smoke an electronic cig, you don’t produce waste. There are no cigarette butts, no messy ash to deal with. With E cigarettes, you use plastic cartridges that can be used repeatedly. This minimizes the environmental impact of your smoking habit. Because electric cigs don’t actually burn, you don’t have to worry about putting your cigarette out properly or haphazardly starting a fire. Electronic cigarettes give you the ability to minimize harm to yourself and your environment.

E-Cigarette Costs

No matter how you look at it, electric cigarettes are cheaper than traditional cigarettes. When you buy a pack of regular smokes, you burn through them, toss out the box and buy another one. There is no reuse factor whatsoever. With E cigarettes, you buy a kit that includes the actual electric cigarette unit (with battery and atomizer), battery chargers and cartridges with varying levels of nicotine. The unit can be recharged and the cartridges can be replaced. The amount of smokeless cigarette vapor that you can enjoy is much greater than what you’d get out of a traditional cigarette pack. Each reusable cartridge is equivalent to about 15 to 20 regular cigarettes. This means you get to enjoy more smoking while spending considerably less money on packs.

Forget About Yellow Teeth, Bad Breath and Smelly Clothes

Traditional cigarettes produce nasty byproducts, but these byproducts are all absent when you smoke electronic cigarettes. Regular cigs stain your teeth all yellow and gross, but not smokeless cigarettes. Traditional cigs can also make your breath and clothes smell bad. After you smoke a regular cigarette, everyone around you knows about it for some time. The smell just lingers. With E cigarettes, you won’t have to worry about any of the smells or stains that regular smokers have to put up with. You can just enjoy a good clean smoke without any of the nastiness.

Simply put, electric cigarettes are safer, more convenient, more eco-friendly, cheaper and cleaner than traditional cigarettes. With so many benefits to consider, isn’t it time you found what all the rage is about? Take a look at the different options offered at Electronic Cigarette Source. Read the reviews, and try one out. With so many advantages to enjoy, you won’t be disappointed.