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Blu Electronic Cigarette Review

The  Blu electronic cigarette is one of the most popular E cigs on the market, and it’s a solid option for people who want to enjoy a smoking experience that’s close to the real thing. Unlike many other electronic cigarettes out there, the mini Blu E cigarette actually looks and feels like a real cigarette. For people that don’t want to feel like they’re smoking out of a pen, this is really important. E cigarettes are supposed to be cleaner, healthier substitutes for the real thing. If you want to smoke an electric cigarette that resembles a real one, you can’t find a better option on the market.

The Innovative Blu Pack

One of most unique features of the Blu electric cigarette is it’s patented, multi-functional container. The Blu pack looks just like a pack of traditional cigarettes, so you if you’re used to carrying a pack around, the look and feel of the pack will be quite familiar. What’s more, the package actually charges up the battery of the cigarette as well. So when you’re done smoking, you simply put the Blu smokeless cigarette back into the back so that it can charge back up for the next use. The battery lasts as long as it takes a smoker to enjoy two cartridges. It takes about an hour for a drained batter to recharge to full capacity. The convenient Blu Pack also allows you to store up to five cartridges together in one case.

Blu Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

Each Blu cartridge lasts about 80 to 100 puffs. Each cartridge is the equivalent of about seven regular cigarettes. This makes Blu one of the most affordable electric cigarette options on the market today. Blu cartridges also come in five delicious flavors. Classic Tobacco is a favorite for smokers craving that traditional cigarette experience. Magnificent Menthol is available for smokers who enjoy a cooling sensation with their smoke. Java Jolt provides a flavorful coffee boost. For smokers who prefer a bit of sweetness, Vivid Vanilla and Cherry Crush will be the flavors of choice. In addition to the different tastes, you can select different nicotine levels when you purchase a Blu smokeless cigarette. Cartridges are available in full flavored, light, ultra light and no nicotine strengths.

Another Cool Feature That Makes Blu Different

Although smokers who want to replicate traditional cigarette smoking will be happy that Blu cigs provide such a realistic experience, one of the benefits of electronic cigarettes is having the ability to smoke them anywhere. Blu cigs cleverly accounts for this by providing a cool blue light on the end of the electric cigarette unit. Any one who sees you smoke a Blu electronic cigarette won’t confuse it with the real thing. It may look like a traditional cigarette, but because of this cool blue light, no one will hassle you for smoking in a non-smoking area.

From it’s authentic look to its innovative, rechargeable pack, the Blue electric cigarette is clearly in a class all it’s own. For smokers who enjoy convenience, flavor and a realistic smoking experience, Blu is the way to go.

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