Cartridge 20 cigarettes

Warranty 1 full year

Shipping 24-48 hours

Prado E-Cigs: Electronic Cigarette Free Trial

Prado Electronic Cigarette Review

Prado Cigarette The Prado Electronic Cigarette is one of the latest smokeless cigarettes to come on the market. It’s so new, in fact, that its manufacturer is offering a free trial on the electronic cigarette.

The Prado Electronic Cigarette starter kit is a bit more expensive than those of other e cigarettes, but it comes with 17 cartridges, rather than the usual five. The Smart Smoker also comes with a 60-day replacement parts warranty, also longer than warranties offered with starter kits from competitors.

Value-minded smokers may want to consider what the company calls the “Deluxe Prado Kit.” This kit comes with a 110-volt battery wall charger as well as one car charger so that users can keep their Prado Electronic Cigarette charged while on the go.

In fact, taking up the Prado Cigarette habit can be very cost effective, certainly more so than with traditional cigarette, especially with this free trial sample.  A cigarette pack today often costs $5 or more (that’s including the high tax levied on cigarettes). But the nicotine cartridges in a Prado Cigarette are not taxed. What’s more, since 10 packs generally come in a carton of cigarettes, at $5 a pack, a carton will run you about $50. The equivalent amount of smokes you’ll get with an e cigarette such as the Prado cigarette will run you about $30 or less.

“In addition, each cartridge lasts about as long as do 15-20 regular cigarettes, so users could see a savings of up to 80 percent compared to real cigarettes.”

Your Prado electronic cigarette comes with an atomizer that vaporizes the liquid nicotine in the cartridges. You get your “nicotine hit,” but without the tar. You’ll also see “smoke” come out of the Prado Cigarette, but this is just the vaporized nicotine. It will dissipate quickly, much more quickly than a regular cigarette.

In fact, any Prado Cigarette review would be incomplete without mentioning that the cartridges come in four strengths, normal, medium, low and no nicotine at all, which would be very valuable to a smoker looking to quit smoking completely.

Prado Electronic Cigarettes allow smokers to “light up” in places where cigarettes are banned because the e cigarettes emit no smoke, no tar and no fowl smell. In fact, as you explain to people that you’re not really smoking, don’t be surprised if people become your ally and start asking you all sorts of questions, particularly where they can purchase a Prado cigarette.

In conclusion, there’s so much to gain and hardly anything to lose by giving Prado electronic cigarettes a try. Well, that’s not entirely true. You’ll “gain” more money in your wallet from the cost savings when compared to regular cigarette. You’ll also “lose” the nicotine stain from your fingers and teeth as well as the awful stares from strangers because there’s no secondhand smoke from a Prado Cigarette.

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