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Cartridge 20 cigarettes

Warranty 1 full year

Shipping 24-48 hours

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Electronic Cigarette Free Trial Offer

If you’re looking for a way to cut back on your smoking — or help in quitting entirely — check out this free electronic cigarette

Thousands, if not millions, of people have started “smoking” electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes) such as the Smoke Star cigarette. For a limited time Smoke Star is offering an electronic cigarette free trial to get everyone a chance to experience this amazing new product. The Star Smoker electronic cigarette looks like a cigarette, “feels” like a cigarette, even produces “smoke” like a cigarette (although it’s not real smoke; more on this in a moment). The Smoke Star Cigarette is a smoker’s dream.

Even if you don’t want to quit smoking, the amazing Smoke Star costs a lot less than a regular cigarette. With a carton of cigarettes averaging about $50 each, the reusable nicotine cartridges used in a Smoke Star cigarette will last you through 15-20 smokes. The number of cartridges that are equivalent to a carton of cigarettes will run you only about $30.

The Smoke Star Electronic Cigarette comes with batteries, an atomizer and the liquid nicotine cartridge, and is the #1 E-Cigarette brand in the country. You hold the Smoke Star as if you were smoking a real cigarette and, when you inhale the atomizer heats up and vaporizes the liquid nicotine in the cartridge. The “smoke” that comes from the Smoke Star Cigarette actually is the vaporized nicotine.  This is truly an amazing offer of a free electronic cigarette at and is very limited.  Get your Smoke Star smokeless cigarette free trial provided by and see for yourself what all of the buzz is about.

What’s more, there’s no smell, no tar and, if you’re looking to cut back on the amount of nicotine you inhale, the Smoke Star’s cartridges come in different nicotine strength, allowing you to adjust the amount of nicotine in each electronic cigarette.

“No Smoke Star review would be complete without mentioning the risk-free trial currently being offered, as well as a 30-day guarantee. Smoke Star also provides a one-year manufacturer’s replacement warranty.”

What’s really neat about the Smoke Star Electronic Cigarette is that you “should” be able to smoke in places where smoking is banned. Why? Because electronic cigarettes emit no nicotine, no second-hand smoke, no tar. There’s no smoke that comes from the electronic cigarette, and with this e cigarette free trial you have nothing to lose.

Yet the Smoke Star Cigarette looks so much like a real cigarette — it’s tip even lights up as if you’d lit a real cigarette — that you may have to tell many folks many times that you’re not really smoking. Some may not believe you and make a big fuss. But others more than likely will be quite intrigued and may even ask you questions about your Star Smoker electronic cigarette. Smokers, especially, may ask you where you purchased your supply.

So, in conclusion, the Smoke Star Electronic Cigarette looks and feels like a real cigarette, but it emits no smoke and no tar or nicotine, making it a terrific way for smokers to cut back or quit smoking. In addition, the Smoke Star’s nicotine cartridges come in different nicotine strengths, making it all the easier to cut down on the amount of nicotine a smoker inhales.

The Smoke Star cigarette is less expensive than regular cigarettes, saving smokers hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars a year.

There’s little not to like about the Smoke Star electric cigarette.

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